By confirming a booking with Auldwood Birds you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions:


We reserve the right to cancel or change a tour in the interests of client safety. Weather conditions change quickly in New Zealand and can make it unsafe to venture out in exposed wild areas. Similarly, river levels and/or tides might render a scheduled tour unsafe.


All Auldwood Birds’ guided birding trips and nature tours are conducted in wild, natural, outdoor spaces. These sites are fully exposed to the elements of wind, sun, rain and cold.

While most tours will be well within the range of people with average physical ability; most tours and/or birding expeditions will involve walking through natural areas where there are no formed walking tracks.

The ground might be rough, wet and/or muddy, stony and/or icy, and slippery, with many natural trip hazards such as loose stones and tree roots. Shallow (up to knee deep) river crossings, stony riverbed walking, and walking across mudflats and/or through shallow muddy water might be required.

Even where tracks are available, these can be very basic with rough terrain and slippery surfaces. For some specific expeditions, tracks or routes might include steep sections or sites where the walker is exposed near the edge of steep drop-offs.

A reasonable standard of fitness is required, as all clients of Auldwood Birds must be capable of walking for several hours through these conditions.

In general, Auldwood Bird expeditions and tours are not suitable for people requiring walking aids (other than a standard walking pole), leg calipers or the use of wheelchairs. Clients with physical limitations are welcome to inquire as to what birding opportunities we can provide that work in with their physical needs.

Please note that New Zealand weather conditions are highly variable and can change rapidly and unpredictably. Anyone venturing into the outdoors should plan for hot, cold and wet, whatever the weather forecast.

Auldwood Birds will do everything it can to ensure you have a safe enjoyable birding experience, however clients are primarily responsible for their own personal safety. Clients must certify that they have no physical or medical conditions that would make it unsafe for them, or other clients, or Auldwood Birds staff to participate in the expedition or tour.

Department of Conservation Estates

The following applies for any tours that access Department of Conservation (DOC) estates:

· No dogs
· No playback of bird calls via cellphones or other devices
· No baiting (setting out food) for birds
· No unreasonable disturbing, pursuing or harassing native wildlife, especially nesting birds
· No deliberate destruction of vegetation
· Follow all hut use safety rules (which are posted in each hut)
· No smoking or vaping
· No fire lighting except in permitted areas.
· Maintain 3m distance from marine mammals.


· Parents are responsible for the care, protection and proper equipping of any child in their care on the tour/expedition.
Clothing and Footwear Requirements
· Suitable outdoor footwear for rough and wet terrain. Purpose-designed rough terrain walking shoes, tramping/hiking boots, lace-up rubber boots (or similar) are required. Slip-on gumboots/shoes are NOT suitable. You will not be permitted on the tour without appropriate footwear.
· Sun hat for hot days or a warm hat for cold conditions.
· A wind-proof coat or parka that is also water resistant to a high degree (hooded coats are recommended). This must be carried regardless of the season or weather forecast.
· For tours involving river crossings, wetlands or estuarine areas, it is recommended clients pack a spare set of clothing (including footwear) to be left in the car, for changing into at the end of the day.
· Clothing suitable for outdoor activities that can keep the wearer warm even when wet; and/or cool and protected in exposed sunny conditions.
· Gloves (optional but recommended for cold, exposed sites).

Food and Drink

· Their own water bottle (many Auldwood Birds sites are very exposed to the sun; fresh, safe, natural water might not be available).
· Snacks such as sweets, chocolate, energy foods etc. (optional).


· Their own medications, including those that might be required for sunburn, windburn, insect stings and/or plant allergies.
· Sunburn cream, lip cream and/or similar products to prevent sunburn and windburn.
· Sunglasses.
· Insect repellent.


· A walking pole is strongly advised, especially for rough terrain, river crossings and estuarine areas (mudflats etc.).
· Your own camera and/or bird observation equipment (binoculars, scopes etc.), and weather proofing and cleaning gear for same. Some binoculars and a scope will be provided by Auldwood Birds to be shared among the party.
· Personal locator beacons are optional (the guides always carry one).

Prohibited Items

· Smoking or vaping, or the use of alcohol or other recreational drugs is not permitted on any Auldwood Birds tour or expedition.



Auldwood Birds requires all clients to follow your guide’s instructions regarding environmental protection and animal welfare during any guided activity. This includes, but is not limited to: no littering; no smoking or lighting of fires; remaining on formed tracks (where such tracks exist); not disturbing birds deliberately to promote flight or defensive behaviour; no use of recorded bird calls; no use of food-based lures; no flash photography of nocturnal birds; remaining at least 50metres away from known breeding/nesting colonies; not surrounding birds and/or nesting colonies of birds or otherwise causing them undue stress by your presence. Opportunities to photograph birds will not take priority over ensuring birds are not unreasonably disturbed.


Auldwood Birds cannot guarantee that any or all the birds clients might want to see will, in fact, be observed. Auldwood Birds’ guides are very experienced at finding birds in their natural environment. However, the rarity of some birds, weather conditions, time of day, season (etc) mean some birds simply might not be present on the day of your tour. Refunds are not given simply because a client has been unable to observe any bird species they might have specifically wanted to see.


If your tour is cancelled due to adverse weather, dangerous river levels, or other unforeseen natural circumstances, a full refund will be given. No refunds will be given in the event of your failure to notify us of your cancellation 48 hours before the scheduled commencement of your guided tour.


By purchasing a guided outing, you are saying that you understand and accept the above terms and conditions and that you:

(1) agree that your successors, executors, administrators and next of kin are bound by the terms and conditions;

(2) agree, to the maximum extent permitted by law, not to commence any litigation or proceedings in any country in relation to the risks and perils of the tour and to indemnify us against any such claims;

(3) consent to receive medical treatment in the case of injury, accident or illness during the tour and to indemnify us against any claims in respect of this treatment;

(4) agree that any photographs, films, sound, video or other recordings taken of events or people by anyone during the tour will not be used in any promotion or advertising without our consent,

however, we may use such images or recordings at our complete discretion without any prior approval;

(5) agree that this Agreement is governed by New Zealand law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.


© 2020 by AULDWOOD BIRDS. All rights reserved. WEBSITE BY Doodlebug creative .



© 2020 by AULDWOOD BIRDS. All rights reserved. WEBSITE BY Doodlebug creative .